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Courier Delivery Service for Legal Documents

Tuesday, 27 February 2018 at 08:45

Same Day Document Courier Delivery UK

There are many reasons why someone might want a same day courier service to transport or carry out a secure document delivery service. One would be that they need the documents to get their destination more quickly than the postal service or one of the big shippers like Royal Mail or UPS could handle. If it needs to be there faster than overnight, then often a courier service is your only option. Another reason could be for the added security that Greg Paulson Same Day Couriers provides over these other services. But just what added security measures do couriers put in place when handling sensitive documents?

One of the most important security measures is restricting the number of hands that the documents pass through en route to their destination. If you were sending legal documents via the postal service, even if they were sent via registered mail, they would still pass through scores of different people’s hands before they were delivered. Greg Paulson Same Day Couriers offer a service where one person is assigned to protect and transport the document until they put it into the recipient’s hands.

If your purpose in sending the documents is to have the recipient sign them, Greg Paulson Same Day Couriers will provide the additional service of acting as a witness to the signing of the documents, and then bring them back and hand-deliver them to you. In this case, there are literally only 3 sets of hands that touch the documents: Yours, the driver’s, and the person signing them. This greatly reduces the possibility for things to go awry. And in the unlikely circumstance that the documents did go missing, there would be a clear chain of custody that would show exactly where they had been.

When you choose to only do business with Greg Paulson Same Day Couriers who offer a hand-delivery service option for shipping important legal documents, you are ensuring that you avoid the kinds of hassles, finger-pointing, and litigation that can arise when documents get lost, compromised, or fall into the wrong hands. In addition, if the documents are a matter of your businesses life or death, you can often find a courier company that can take your documents via helicopter, and then return them to you the same way. In this way, you can sometimes get your documents across the city, signed, and back to you within minutes. This is truly the safest way to get your documents from point A to point B and back again.

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