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Christmas Is Coming, Protect Your Parcels From Theft

Wednesday, 27 November 2019 at 12:11

Parcel delivery to porch.

Christmas is almost upon us again and you'll probably start to receive more presents and parcels through the post and from various courier companies.

It's common knowledge that thieves are just utter scum and are likely to do things that you or I are likely to do, such as go through your post and check porches to see if you've had a parcel delivery or two. If you're expecting a delivery, try and make arrangements to have them collected by a neighbour, so they aren’t left on view. If allowed, have your parcels delivered to your workplace. If you have home deliveries place furniture or items on the porch that blocks the packages from public view. Couriers and delivery companies look for these places so they can make sure your delivery will be more secure. Sometimes courier companies allow you to leave delivery instructions when ordering so you can have goods put on a side porch or a specific location like in a wheelie bin or over a locked gate. Lastly, use informed delivery so your package can be tracked and you can be alerted by text message or email when it arrives.

Here are some Christmas parcel delivery tips to remember.


  • ARRANGE FOR YOUR PACKAGE TO BE DELIVERED TO YOUR WORKPLACE - ​If work allows it, have your packages delivered to your office. You may not be able to get weekend delivery if you’re not there, but it would be a convenient, safe way to handle package delivery when you're not at home.
  • PICK UP POINTS​ - Some delivery services have designated delivery locations for you to have your packages delivered to. You can then pick up your packages on your way home from work. Amazon and UPS provide areas in local grocery stores, convenience stores, storefronts and more.​
  • REQUEST A RE-DELIVERY​ - You can ask that your package is held at the delivery facility of your deliverer, rerouted to another location, or delivered on another day.
  • USE A NEIGHBOUR’S HOUSE​ - If you can find a neighbour who is happy to take in your delivery for you, this is an excellent idea. Or, if you’re the entrepreneurial type, start a service for a small fee for friends and family. You can become your own Amazon Locker!
  • USE CCTV -  A small wireless CCTV camera which can be bought online will enable you to see visitors, even when not at home. It works through a Wi-Fi enabled camera at your door and an app on your phone. 
  • REQUEST A POD / PROOF OF DELIVERY​ - Request a signature for your delivery. Request a required signature for a package, this ensures that the package isn’t just dumped.
  • CREATE HIDING PLACE FOR YOUR DELIVERY - You may be able to hide smaller parcel deliveries behind plant pots or furniture in your porch. Don't assume that all delivery drivers will actually put a package there, but many try to make sure that packages are put in places so they aren't visible.
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