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Which Businesses Use Same Day Courier Services?

Thursday, 17 February 2022 at 11:07

Which Businesses Use Same Day Courier Services?

In this day and age of technology and the internet, a same day courier service may not seem of much relevance to you at all. Sending a message or an email with just the tap of a button on our smartphones or laptops. However, despite this, couriers do still provide an extremely important service to many industries.

Businesses throughout the UK in major cities such as Manchester, London, and Glasgow often need a fast, delivery service that is fast, secure, and reliable.

Below are examples of the many businesses sectors that require a Same Day Courier Service.



Solicitors and law firms involved in cases often require an urgent document delivery, as many important and time-critical documents, files and paperwork are passed between different law firms and the courts. A solicitor might need to send evidence between various offices when time is of the essence. This is when same day delivery services are extremely helpful for law firms. If a deadline is missed, this could have disastrous consequences for both clients and the lawyer; fast, secure, and reliable legal couriers help solve such problems by providing an urgent collection and delivery service for them.


A reliable courier service is as important in the medical field as it ever was, especially now, during the COVID19 Pandemic. COVID test kit deliveries are needed to be delivered within a certain time frame to laboratories throughout the UK.

Doctors & surgeons may require test results in a timely manner, meaning the delivery has to be made within just a few hours. Patient X-ray results may be needed urgently by medical professionals. Couriers can collect and deliver time-critical medical supplies and equipment, or even human organs and blood for transplants.

In life-or-death situations, obviously, every second counts. Same day couriers are on hand to provide the fast delivery service needed to keep at-risk patients safe.


Orders received at the last minute by printing companies can mean they need to ship their products at very short notice to keep their client happy. A courier company can help printing firms to move large quantities of heavy pallets or big boxes using different sized vehicles from small vans, large sprinter & transit type vans up to HGV trucks and lorries. Being able to offer a customer the promise of a fast courier delivery service can be a unique selling point for a printer when they are in competition with other printing companies.


A few hours in the property market can easily make a huge difference to someone who has their heart set on a particular house. Estate agents and lenders need to send and receive important documents, such as offers and purchase agreements within a certain time frame. Also, documents must be couriered at short notice for mortgage providers and title companies. You may not realise, but estate agents often rely on couriers to keep the buying and selling process moving.


A reliable courier service is helpful when accountants need to transfer important documents and essential forms. Couriers provide safe and secure transport for business-related documents or items that cannot be sent online or through traditional postal services such as Royal Mail or DHL.


Manufacturing companies will of course use their own vehicles to transport shipments to clients, but they also rely heavily on the services of on-demand, same day couriers to deliver their products too.

In the factory automation industry, production lines are kept running by hi-tech machines which contain components and electronic parts that automatically control the speed and power. It could be disastrous to a manufacturer if just one of these parts fails or breaks down as production stops meaning loss of time, money, and a backlog of orders to deal with.

In this kind of situation, the services of a same day courier can be called upon to save the day. Did you know, not all superheroes wear a mask or a cape? Some wear a hi-viz jacket, steel toe capped safety boots, and drive a van.

The required spare part can be collected by the driver/superhero, usually within 60 minutes of being booked. Delivery can then be made directly to the manufacturing company so production can resume.

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