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What Are The Benefits Of Using A Courier Network?

Friday, 31 May 2019 at 12:20

Same day courier network

The benefits of using a same day courier network might be obvious, however if you're a non-courier network member, there are several less obvious benefits which may surprise you.

Access to delivery work for couriers.

The obvious benefits of being a member of a same day courier network is you have access to thousands of delivery work every day which will almost certainly help your courier company increase its profits. With a courier network you will have access to thousands of loads every day, and with part loads, & full loads available, you will be able to choose the best work suited to your courier business.

Turn dead mileage into profit.

Many courier companies face the issue of their vehicles returning to base from a delivery empty. After goods are delivered they would spend hours on the road burning fuel on the way back to their depots. This waste in fuel is known as ‘Dead Mileage’ and is very common within the courier industry.

In the past, same day courier companies had to take on work not knowing whether they would find a back load for their return journey or not. Thankfully, since the arrival of courier networks, it has become much easier and quicker to find back loads for return journeys.

When using a courier network you can find a backload firstly by advertising your empty vehicle capacity and it's return route to other members.

Save time & money.

Courier companies that use a courier network will be able to tell you just how much time being a member can save them. With so many loads available from a wide range of haulage companies all on the same platform can save hours in the working day.

Build your customer base.

Most same day courier services have almost certainly had to turn business away due to not having the resources or the right size vehicle available. As a courier network member, you don't need to turn deliveries away as you can call on the resources of other members and their empty vehicles.

Building long-term business relationships

You will have a huge number of reliable industry contacts on hand. If you are looking for delivery work, back loads, empty vehicles or drivers you can find them all. All the opportunities are there to contact and work with key industry players while building lasting relationships that could help grow your business.

The financial benefits of being a courier network member will heavily outweigh the cost. Although costs can differ there are loads of pro's, meaning they far outweigh the cons.

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