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Luton Vans - Their Benefits & Many Uses

Wednesday, 21 April 2021 at 15:53

Where does the Luton Van Originally Come From?

The Luton van is certainly iconic and originates from the town of Luton in Bedfordshire, UK, also home to the Bedford heavy commercial vehicle plant that produced the popular Bedford model. The body of the Luton van consists of an enclosed box-shaped body that extends up and over the cab. The part of the body that rests on top of the cab is sometimes known as a Luton or a kick.

The Luton van was originally designed to transport high volumes of low-density loads, especially straw hats which formed a large part of Luton’s local industry. These straw hats were wrapped in long cylinders, so they’d fit in the van. Earlier models of the Luton vans used Bedford chassis.

The Benefits of Using A Luton Van.

Luton vans such as the Ford Transit vehicles are commonly used by courier companies, haulage firms, and removal companies for the delivery of large, bulky, and oversized items.

They are seen as an attractive option, and there are countless benefits for the courier services that use them:

The Luton body comes as either a solid box van or a curtain side which is great for loading larger loads into through the side.

Here at Greg Paulson Same Day Couriers, we often use Luton vans, both with box or curtain side to move large crates containing engineering machinery to power stations and heavy in-store display units/materials to many high street stores such as Selfridges & JD Sports, throughout the UK and Europe.

Office removals can often be difficult due to the different shaped size and shapes of the furniture and equipment, but the Luton vans have adequate space to load office furniture, kitchen appliances, and boxes within.

Luton vans also come with tail lifts fitted to the rear of the vehicle. These are perfect for lifting heavy items such as pallets, office furniture, desks, and filing cabinets up to the level of the loading area.

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