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5 Trends In The Courier, Transport & Logistics Industry

Thursday, 22 February 2018 at 08:37

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What trends can we currently see within transport, same day courier & logistics industries?

Transportation, same day courier services & logistics are a very important element within our society – without it, businesses would find trade near impossible, and we wouldn’t have the optimal home-delivery service that we have access to on so many sites online today. However, I’m sure we’ve all had an experience within the transport logistics industry that maybe wasn’t up to standards, such as a delivery no arriving in time or, worse, arriving damaged. Those days are almost over though, as there are many trends currently residing within the transport logistics industry, making delivery and trade more seamless than ever!

  1. Heightened Security

People are often very ignorant to what happens behind the scenes at a transport logistics company, but it usually involves a giant warehouse full of valuable goods. As a result, these organisations need to ensure that all of their data is kept safe, reducing the risk of any cyber attacks. Well, with to introduction of cloud technology, both warehouse and logistics management solutions can safely transmit data over the internet flawlessly, ensuring that all cyber threats can be kept at bay.

  1. Warehouse Robotics

As you can imagine, with so many products needing to be transported on a daily basis, navigating yourself through the warehouse in an organised manner can be quite the challenge… unless you have access to warehouse robotics. As the years go by, more and more MHE manufacturers are beginning to introduce warehouse robotics into their organisation, ensuring that adding automation into the DC operations can be done seamlessly, without a need to begin major structural alterations. Moreover, warehouse robotics can now physically climb warehouse shelves in order to pick an item from any level, making all warehouse jobs much easier.

  1. Rail Freight

Although air freight is undoubtedly the fastest method for transporting goods internationally, environmentally-conscious transport logistics firms will want to take a greener approach to their transportation methods. Now that rail is switching to an electric approach, the emissions to run them are dropping globally. Therefore, a recent trend within the industry has been rail freight, as not only is this greener and more eco-friendly for the environment, but it’s also considerably cheaper than air freight, reliably transporting goods across countries for a cheaper price.

  1. Autonomous Road Transportation

This certainly isn’t an unheard of trend, however, it’s having a huge impact within the transport logistics industry, as it allows organisations to transport goods with minimal effort, yet still allowing them to guarantee a safe and effective service. In Western Australia particularly, automated trucks are already very much a reality, allowing transport logistics businesses to dramatically reduce the cost of transport, all in a safe and efficient way.

  1. The Power Of E-Commerce

It’s impossible to deny the impact that e-commerce is having on the transport logistics industry, especially considering that 44% of Turkey’s population (consisting of 77 million people) shop online. Furthermore, digital sales across the globe are estimated to reach $4 trillion over the next couple of years, so the transport logistics industry really need to adapt to these digital changes These include offering a complete supply chain, as well as fulfilment and shipping services in order to effectively collaborate with the e-commerce retailer.

It’s clear to see how technology has had a massive effect on the transport logistics industry, creating an entire range of new trends that are all ensuring that transportation tasks are carried out seamlessly yet safely. Whether shipping is being done locally or internationally, these trends are going to come in handy for every transport logistics organisation.

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