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Stop Thieves From Stealing Packages From Your Doorstep

Friday, 23 March 2018 at 11:25

Same Day Courier Delivery UK

If you do some shopping online and expect some packages to be delivered to your home, it’s important to know there are scumbags out there who will take them right from your doorstep.

But there are some precautions you can take to make sure the presents you had delivered don't go missing.

The police say thieves sometimes follow delivery trucks around, and when a package gets dropped off – they swoop in a few minutes later and swipe it.

Delivery companies such as UPS, FedEx, and the Royal Mail all agree that consumers have options to prevent the theft of packages.

First, make sure to require a signature on all package deliveries. You can also write specific instructions for the delivery company on where to leave your package, and don’t forget, you can always have your packages delivered to you at work.

If you insured the package, it’s always a good idea to pay a little bit extra. A couple of quid in insurance can really go a long way.

If you ever have a package stolen, file a report with the police and call the courier company immediately. However, unless you insured your package, chances are you’re out of luck.

Some delivery companies offer a free service that will send you an email alert when your package is going to be delivered. Some will also allow you to redirect a package to another address if you know you won’t be home at the time of delivery.

More Package Security Tips:

  • Consider an alternate destination. When you order something online, consider sending the package to your workplace or to a family member, friend or neighbour who is home during the day to accept delivery. When you know someone will be available to receive your delivery, you eliminate the possibility of your specially ordered gift being left unattended.
  • Request a signature. Many packages today are sent without requiring a signature for delivery. If you’re shipping something of high value — or you just want to be sure items aren’t left unattended — you can require a signature for packages to be released. 
  • Redirect your packages even when they’re already on the way. If you know you won’t be home and want to send the delivery somewhere else, just redirect it to where you’ll be, or another secure location.
  • Ask for a phone call. Let your driver know you want a phone call. You can leave instructions for drivers to always ring you when a package is being left. Do you like your packages left behind the big plant pot, or tucked behind the bin beside the back door? Let the driver know this.


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