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Large, Heavy & Bulky Item UK Delivery Services

Monday, 5 March 2018 at 09:46

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When you need a large item courier service

If you’re transporting items such as furniture which is too heavy for you to lift safely by yourself or too bulky to fit in a car or small van, you’ll need the services of a large item courier.

Such specialists will be able to move and deliver your outsized heavy goods or cargo throughout the UK, whether you’re a small business needing bulky items delivering to another business, or an individual with a large item for delivery to a residential address.

The sort of goods suited for large item delivery

A large item delivery specialist will be familiar with handling a wide range of heavy and bulky items including tables, sofas, garden furniture and wardrobes. Certain items will need careful handling, such as antique furniture, but all can be collected and transported efficiently if you find the right courier for the job.

Finding a courier to deliver your large, or heavy items

If you live in one corner of the country and need a large, bulky item delivering to another, you'll immediately think of couriers but, with no experience of couriers, you'll assume it’s a major hassle to find a reliable courier to transport your goods halfway around the country. And it’ll cost a fortune. Not so. Simply call Greg Paulson Same Day Couriers on 0161 436 3296 or send your enquiry via with the details of what you need delivering and we’ll do the rest.

Free, no obligation quotes for delivering big or bulky items

All our delivery quotes are free of charge and there is absolutely no obligation to go ahead with your delivery if you're not happy with the cost.

Picking the best large item courier for your needs

It’s entirely up to you what sort of service you go for. If you run a small business and a vital piece of machinery has broken down you’ll want to know that a courier will get those heavy parts delivered within hours. If you’ve bought a corner sofa that will fit perfectly in your lounge, you’ll want to know you can get it moved for less than the cost you paid for it.

Bear in mind what is most important to you. Will it be collected and delivered by the same driver? Is the van a Luton style with a tail-lift to make loading that sideboard easier? If it’s a sole driver is there someone at the other end who can help unload or will it require a two person delivery service? You might also want to think about delivery times and if there is insurance included in with the cost.

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