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Peak Season Trend Spotting Expects Increased Parcel Volumes

Monday, 20 November 2017 at 08:44

Parcel Delivery Courier

MetaPack expects to see not only increased parcel volumes over the upcoming Peak season, but also more demand for “varied, flexible delivery options”.

In a statement sent to Post&Parcel today (31 October), Bruce Fair, Chief Revenue Officer at MetaPack, said: “In line with annual trends and based on the delivery volumes we are seeing currently, we anticipate a growth of around 20% from now until the end of the first week in January.

“Obviously this will come in peaks, which, apart from slight changes due to Christmas Day falling on a Monday, will be in line with 2016.

“However, we do think there will be higher demand from overseas buyers than ever before, less tolerance for longer or imprecise delivery time-frames and an expectation that retailers will still be able to fulfil options such as try-before-you-buy, delivery to neighbour and in-flight changes.

“The ability to support these at such a busy time will entirely depend on pre-agreed commitments between retailers and carriers as well as outside forces, such as weather conditions.”

MetaPack said that while free delivery is likely to encourage more consumers to purchase during Peak than any other factor, low cost and fast delivery are also important, and many consumers also want multiple delivery options and prices. And the company also advised that it will be necessary to closely monitor the delivery promises that are being made to ensure customer expectations can be matched.

“There’s a balance to be struck between managing capacity and taking advantage of increased consumer spending,” said Fair. “Consumers are more, not less, likely to try new delivery options during Peak in order to ensure they get their parcels when and where they want them. This requires retailers to offer a broad choice of delivery options to ensure conversion at this highly competitive time, and ensure they are supported by their carriers. It also means that retailers have an opportunity to impress customers with new options that they wouldn’t ordinarily choose.”

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