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International Courier / Haulage Work: Which Vehicles Are Best?

Friday, 16 November 2018 at 10:54

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As in all industries, international haulage & courier services work best when the right vehicle is used to carry out the job.

Crossing international borders in Europe is just as easy as travelling across the UK, reducing the need for oversized trucks for transportation of freight.

Tipper Truck

Tipper trucks are designed for moving aggregate like sand and gravel, they have a hydraulic flat bed of the tipper truck, which allows for quick unloading at the delivery point.

They are generally suited to deliver around cities and towns, but are not usually used for international deliveries.

Transit/Sprinter Vans

With up to 4.8m in length of load space in the rear, a Transit van or Sprinter van provides plenty of space to transport pallets, crates, parcels, furniture or machinery easily throughout Europe.

Carrying up to 1.5tonnes in a compact, 4m+ long chassis,  vans Transit /Sprinter is a great option for courier drivers who are potentially crossing international borders.

Luton Van

The perfect van for urban use, the Luton is capable of hauling approx. 1 tonne and comfortably seating a three-man team. They often come with a tail lift to assist with moving large, heavy or bulky items on board which are otherwise difficult to handle

The large rear storage capacity, usually around 4mL x 2mW x 2mh, is perfect for carrying mixed loads, making the Luton a good all-round choice.

Curtainside Van

The perfect long distance haulage vehicle. Curtain side vehicles such as a 7½ tonne vehicle and an 18-tonne vehicle can carry up to 18 tonnes if required and 14 standard UK pallets at 1200mm x 1000mm.

Measuring up to 7metres in length, often with a tail lift too and capable of carrying a three-man team, there is little you cannot do with this kind of truck.


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