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By 2028 40% Of Courier Companies Will Offer 2-Hour delivery

Tuesday, 14 August 2018 at 15:35

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Many retailers are already using in-store inventory to fulfill online orders in a short timeframe, and that's expected to increase as 40% of courier companies anticipate offering two-hour delivery by 2028.

Currently, about 76% of retailers use existing store inventory to fill online orders. 

About 78% of courier companies will offer same-day delivery by 2023. Meanwhile, 87% will rely on crowdsourced delivery or a network of drivers by 2028.

Retailers are gradually making changes to their brick-and-mortar store operations to allow them to fulfill more e-commerce orders and enable BOPIS services.

Retailers are retrofitting stores to double as online fulfillment centers, and sacrificing what used to be sales space to make that happen, Zebra said. If they are making that difficult decision, we can assume either they see real benefits ahead from doing so, or that they feel they don’t have a choice.

On the other hand, maybe it’s a bit of both. About 70% of executives believe retailers are turning their stores into fulfillment centers in part to accommodate the product returns that are likely to become more frequent with the introduction of free shipping and expedited delivery services, offerings which themselves are being adopted with the expectation that they can help increase online sales conversions.

More than 60% of retailers that currently do not offer free shipping, free returns or same-day delivery plan to do so. 87% say managing product returns is challenging, which is perhaps why another 44% expect to outsource returns management to a third party.

While retailers pursue an omnichannel model, these companies and the ecosystem that surrounds them still have a ways to go. As other studies have surmised, even retailers that have omnichannel strategies often are not terribly confident they have the right strategy

But technology assistance is on the way. About 94% will use mobile barcode scanners for omnichannel logistics by 2021, a trend which should provide more real-time access to warehouse management systems. Adoption of RFID-enabled inventory management platforms also should be on the rise, one of many technology elements that should help create more connected, intelligent supply chains.

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