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The major barrier couriers face getting the job done is traffic!

Thursday, 31 October 2019 at 16:54

Courier Services Traffic

The number one reason couriers arrive late for their delivery is traffic congestion.

Nearly all UK couriers will admit they have arrived late for a customers same day collection or delivery – with traffic blamed as the major cause.

Traffic is a major problem preventing courier services and same day delivery companies from attaining first-class standards of customer service.

Most courier businesses operating a mobile workforce face a major struggle to meet customer expectations but although traffic cannot be controlled, its effect can certainly be mitigated. Advanced fleet management systems, incorporating live traffic information, allows courier companies to plan around delays and dispatch delivery drivers to jobs based on quickest arrival times, not simply who is closest to the customer.

Traffic definitely has an impact on Greg Paulson Same Day Couriers Nationwide Delivery Services, with congestion a regular source of disruption for us.

Obviously our delivery drivers feel stressed because of traffic. The top two reasons traffic causes stress are frustration at being stuck or annoyance caused to customers when they turn up later than expected.

Traffic congestion puts significant pressure on our drivers, causing late collections and deliveriess, disruption to the work schedule and disgruntled customers.

We use fleet management technology tools to alleviate stress and make employees' jobs easier. Smarter routing means less frustration, while workflow planning can take into account journey times for specific routes or times of the day, meaning customers are provided with accurate ETAs and quickly informed in the case of delays or changes to the job schedule.

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