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Traffic Congestion Costs UK Business £767 Million A Year

Friday, 4 October 2019 at 15:13

Congestion in London

.UK businesses are losing approximately £767 million a year in productivity due to traffic congestion..

Traffic across the UK’s 25 most congested cities and towns increase the time each vehicle spends on the road by an average of 127 hours a yea.1 This could quite easily add up to a cost of £767,937,2502 in time spent sat waiting in traffic for the 902,500 light commercial vehicles operated in these cities and towns.

And the situation seems to be getting worse. Journey times are taking far longer than it would in free-flowing conditions.

‘Traffic congestion may be seen as a fact of life for every driver but, it is taking a heavy toll on the UK economy and this should not be accepted. Something needs to be done about it immediately.

‘Making the most of time on the roadis key to profitability for any business, so courier companies such as Greg Paulson Same Day Couriers Ltd. that rely heavily on a mobile workforce must look for ways to maximise the time employees spend actually doing jobs by minimising time spent on the road.’

Better planning, routing and scheduling, courier companies in Manchester and the rest of the country, can help their drivers to better avoid traffic, which could not only have an impact on productivity but also customer service. UK van drivers found admit to arriving late for customer appointments far more often than they should. The biggest financial hit was felt in London, where £237 million is lost to traffic each year, followed by Manchester (£157,729,390) and Birmingham (£81,364,800).


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