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Driver Shortage Is A Huge Challenge For The Courier Industry

Monday, 14 October 2019 at 15:06

Driver Learning

A courier & HGV driver shortage is by far the biggest challenge facing the road transport sector and a growing cause for concern amongst courier companies & logistics operations.

The lack of courier drivers and other skilled workers across the transport industry is the biggest barrier to success.

The  logistics industry  needs do more to attract young workers? More education and training initiatives are needed – including improved engagement, more apprenticeship schemes, and better-defined career paths. Improvements in pay and working conditions would help. The image of the courier & logistics sector needs to promote itself as a modern and innovative industry that is embracing the latest technology.

Transport costs, congestion, lack of investment and urban transport restriction are notable issues. Meanwhile, the need to compare planned routes against actual performance and demand for more accurate time windows create significant planning pressures as companies contend with rising fuel prices and changing customer requirements.

The most significant transport development during 2019 is expected to be around vehicle innovation such as emerging technologies including fleet strategy for electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles. With regards to driverless vehicles, many people believe they're either not appropriate for the UK road network or are simply too far in the future to form an opinion.

Routing and scheduling software needs to be introduced to help manage all available delivery drivers and vehicles at an individual resource level. This means that logistics operations can mitigate the impact of driver and skills shortages, as well as meet the increasing expectations of customers.


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