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The Courier Industry & It's Long Term Growth

Monday, 23 September 2019 at 15:22

UK Courier Service

The future looks bright for the same day courier industry too, with the number of parcels and packages sent each year estimated to grow massively by 2019, reaching three billion. Now more than ever, investing in a courier company could provide excellent returns with such predictions that long term growth will continue to be strong.

Online Shopping

Without a doubt, the online shopping industry has had a hugely positive effect on the courier industry and contributed to its growth. While traditional postal methods for sending and receiving letters such as Royal Mail have dipped, for parcels, packages and other shipments it has grown dramatically.

This has a lot to do with online ordering and the growing global market. Europe, India, and China have all seen online shopping grow, providing new opportunities for existing courier services.

Growing Consumer Spending

As online shopping becomes the first port of call for many people, whether ordering everyday groceries, clothes or gifts, more and more same day courier and delivery services are required to service the need. Unless something drastic happens in the economy, consumer spending will continue to rise and reach record levels, especially online. We in the courier industry are hoping it will be reflected in increased long term growth for couriers as well.

Future Opportunities

Many courier companies are experimenting with new delivery models in the sector to tackle the growing demand and changing market.

Some of these methods are to cut costs and delivery times, as customer demands get higher with the convenience of next day delivery and more. Evolving technology is also being implemented where appropriate.

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