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The Growing Trends Of Last Mile Delivery

Friday, 20 September 2019 at 15:34

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With online shopping growing at an astronomical rate, couriers are going through a superb period but, at the same time, the growth in road congestion, new traffic restrictions, and environmental concerns, force courier companies to look for new and efficient alternatives to cover last mile deliveries.

Here are three new delivery methods that could take over in the future: autonomous vehicles, drones and bike couriers.

With the unlikely goal of achieving zero emissions and overcoming traffic restrictions, many courier companies are making their courier fleets electric . For example, UPS has recently developed a pilot project of 50 electric delivery trucks. Instead, StreetScooter, controlled by the DHL group, offers not only delivery vans and electric cars but also bicycles.

Together with the transformation of the delivery fleets into electric, hydrogen could also be a solution capable of generating zero emissions.

Important then remember as the last alternative the last mile transport with bicycles that turns out to be faster, greener, more flexible, also improving the image of the courier company.

By taking delivery services to the next level, you could think of the implementation of drones and autonomous driving vehicles.

UPS has already started testing drones for delivering emergency products such as medicines and sex toys. Other pilot projects have also been launched, from self-driving vans to small delivery robots, such as those developed by Domino Pizza. However, these technologies are only pilot projects and experiments, since it features both practical and legislative prevent it, at the time, the spread.

When you talk about the last mile, the optimal alternative has not yet been found. All the biggest same day courier companies are looking for new and effective methods of efficient and clean air deliver.

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