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An Idiots Guide To Sending A Parcel By Courier

Tuesday, 23 July 2019 at 10:36

Courier Delivery Driver

Booking a courier service might seem like a complicated process. It's not! When you break it down, sending your parcel anywhere in the UK is easy. Have a read below of my idiot's guide on how to ensure the delivery of your package runs smoothly.

Prohibited Items & Hazardous Goods

Firstly you need to check with the courier company you're using, that they can actually carry the item. Courier services have lists of prohibited items that cannot be carried on any service, whether it be for safety or security purposes. Consignments, such as perishable foods, hazardous and dangerous goods, fireworks, batteries, all tend to be prohibited across the board. 


Packaging Your Goods For Safe Delivery

If you can ensure your item is packaged safely, that's great, but an item that is not securely packaged poses a risk of damage not only to itself, but to other items being transported within a courier network. 

When you send your parcel with Greg Paulson Same Day Couriers Ltd., the chances of your item getting damaged is extremely slim, this is because we use what we call 'dedicated vehicles. This simply means only your item is on board the van you have booked. Once collected your own dedicated courier driver and vehicle will take the consignment to the delivery address with no other collections or pickups made along the way.

Dimensions And Weight Of Your Delivery

The cost of your delivery may be determined by your parcel’s weight and dimensions. You’ll need to provide these details at the point of booking any courier service. It's extremely important to ensure they are as accurate as possible.

Courier Quotes 

Courier Charges - This part is easy, simply call us on 0161 436 3296 with the details of your consignment along with the collection & delivery postcodes, we can then give you a quote for your courier service. If it's your first time using us and don't have an account, don't worry, payment can be made securely by credit/debit card.

Book Your Courier Service 

Once you’re happy you've found a courier service you can rely on, simply book your service. Many courier services will offer an online booking, we don't, but you can reach us by phone and also by email or at our contact page


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