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Mistakes Made When Receiving A Parcel Delivery

Thursday, 4 July 2019 at 10:16

Receiving a parcel delivery from a courier driver.
Here are some common errors people make when signing for a parcel delivery from a courier.

Not checking the information on the package.

This happens quite a lot. If you don’t check the information on package properly before signing the POD (proof of delivery). Always check the name and address on the parcel. There are at times when you might end up receiving the wrong item that you didn't order for. It is actully illegal to keep someone else's courier delivery.
Review the name and address on the parcel before receiving it. If you mistakenly sign for the wrong parcel, it is your responsibility to get in touch with the courier company to return the parcel.
Signing for a damaged parcel delivery.
One of the most common and biggest mistakes people make, while taking delivery of a parcel is not checking the item for damage. If you do not check the condition of the parcel on signing for the delivery, the courier service will most likely not accept any resposibility.
Not signing for the delivery.
The POD, or proof of delivery is what recipient signs when receiving a parcel in good condition. It can be a paper or in electronic form. A lot of people sign the pod before inspecting the package and many just ignore the importance of the POD. This is a huge mistake. By signing it, the recipient confirms that the delivery has been completed successfully, without any problem. The pod usually contains the time and date of delivery, the name of the recipient and his/her signature.

Absence of receiver when the delivery is scheduled
If you are not physically present, when your delivery arrives, there are higher chances of your parcel to be sent back or courier company may refuse to carry out the delivery. In that case,you will have to visit the courier office to get your parcel or pay for a re-delivery.
Losing money or visiting the courier office is not only a time-consuming process but also quite an expensive procedure to get your parcel.
Bottom Line: Always check your parcel, the name, and address before accepting it. Don’t forget to sign the proof of delivery, Please be available at your chosen delivery address when your delivery is scheduled.