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What To Look For When Choosing A Same Day Courier Service

Friday, 8 March 2019 at 14:14

Choosing A Same Day Courier Service

1. Service Level: As the client, a courier should always put your satisfaction first. You should be able to trust them through every phase of delivery, from your first phone call, to the package’s arrival at its destination. Choose the same day courier service in which you feel confident.  Their job is to ease your stress, not create more.

2. References/Recommendations:  Another way to reduce the stress in selecting a courier is to read through online company reviews before you decide. Someone who has already conducted business with them will be your best advisor. Try to find a site in addition to the prospective courier site.  Unscrupulous companies may make up their own ‘5star posts’ to entice more customers to their business. All reviews on our Testimonials Page are 100% genuine.

3. Clear Communication:

Simple Contracts/Policies: If the contract is too wordy or the staff doesn’t willingly answer any questions or concerns that you have, consider it a warning sign. Any time a company encourages you to sign without giving ample time to read the fine print, move on to someone else.

Parcel Tracking: If something is critical enough to be sent via courier, you should expect the kind of service that allows continuous updates.

4. Staff Image: Courier employees are part of your image when they work for you. They should present themselves in a business manner, both in dress and demeanour.  Ask to meet some of the delivery staff and have a quick conversation to assess the personality of the individuals that will be your face to the customer.  Another aspect of courier staff to investigate is the size of the staff.  If your courier is making promises about delivery performance but employs a skeleton staff, you should have little confidence that this courier is reliable.

5Nonstandard/premium services: Some packages require special handling. Verify that any perspective courier has the right resources and credentials to transport such items as medical or other sensitive materials.  Make sure any premium pricing or upcharges are made clear in advance.  Another consideration is a unique delivery day, such as a holiday or weekend or expedited delivery time.  Again, make sure you clearly understand the potential extra charges and commitments involved with a nonstandard or premium delivery request.

As with any potential business service, ask questions until you are satisfied that a courier can meet all of your delivery needs and represent you professionally.

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