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Autonomous Cars To Free Up £4,300 Per Consumer Per Year By 2030

Monday, 9 October 2017 at 08:52

autonomous vehicles

The latest output from the think Tank, RethinkX, predicts that in just 13 years time 95% of car mileage will be driven autonomously. What is really interesting is that the main reason for this change will not simply be the existence of autonomous vehicles, but rather the new ownership models enabled by this sector. The fact that you can subscribe to a car on demand (rather than owning one), means that the miles driven in autonomous cars will be dramatically higher.

The report suggest an average saving of $5,600 (£4,300) per consumer per year. That means $1 trillion could be freed up as disposable income in the US alone. These numbers really make a compelling case for this change, but they also promise a significant impact on the economies around the world.

Within 13 years self-driving cars will dominate the roads, representing some 95% of all car miles driven, according to a new study released this week. And while 40% of the cars in 2030 will still be of the old, internal combustion variety, they'll represent just 5% of the consumer miles driven.



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