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Guitar Delivery By Courier

Tuesday, 25 February 2020 at 11:29


Guitar Delivery By Courier

Guitars and other musical instruments are obviously extremely fragile items which means sending them by a regular carrier may not be an option due to the high risk of damage.

For instance, eBay sellers often offer a collection only sale, meaning only buyers who live locally or within reasonable travelling distance to pick up from the seller’s postcode.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case. If you’re buying a guitar, sending one as a gift or just need one shipping to another part of the country, as Greg Paulson Same Day Couriers specialise in the safe delivery of fragile and high fragile items.

We provide a dedicated vehicle collection and delivery service throughout the whole of the UK, ensuring your instrument arrives safely and on time.

As your musical instrument will be collected and delivered by your own, personal courier there is no need for any packaging, removal blankets will be provided and the guitar will be secured as required.

Still, as this is your pride and joy after all and you’re still concerned for its safe delivery, you may want to package it up for your own peace of mind. Below are some useful packaging tips to ensure your guitar arrives intact, and in pristine condition:

  • Loosen the guitar strings to remove any tension from the fret - board. Then place your cloth under the strings and onto the fret-board: this will ensure the frets are protected from any movement from the strings.
  • Line the head of your guitar case with bubble wrap.
  • Line the body of the case with several layers of bubble wrap. Make sure that the guitar can’t touch the walls of your guitar case.
  • Make sure you wrap the actual guitar with bubble wrap, securing it with tape.
  • Place your guitar in the case and then layer the bottom of it, using both bubble wrap and newspaper. If there are any spaces left around the guitar fill these with screwed up balls of newspaper.
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