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Driving Safely In High Winds

Thursday, 27 February 2020 at 11:00

Driving in Windy conditions.











The UK has recently been battered by rain and strong winds reaching speeds of up to 80mph in some locations, making driving conditions both difficult and dangerous.

Having to drive somewhere in high winds and torrential rain is enough to discourage you from even going outdoors.

Below are several tips and precautions you can take to make driving in bad weather easier and more importantly safer.

Stay safe in strong winds

  • Drive Slowly: Driving fast will make it more difficult to control your vehicle in crosswinds in crosswinds. You will need to take extra care if you’re driving a high-sided vehicle.
  • Hold On Tightly: Use both hands to hold your steering wheel and be aware of sudden gusts of wind.
  • Bridges: You’ll need to be aware of stronger winds when you’re driving in exposed areas or over bridges.
  • Keep a Safe Distance: Make sure you stay a safe distance from HGV’s & high sided lorries.
  • Towing: Completely avoid towing trailers or caravans when it’s windy.
  • Debris On The Road: Keep your eyes peeled for debris such as fallen branches, trees and bins.
  • Delays: In the event of road closures and holdups you may well need to change your route, so leave additional time for your journey.
  • UK Weather Forecast: Watch the weather forecast – BBC Weather or Met Office are both good websites.
  • Torrential Rain: With high wind often comes heavy rain so ensure your windscreen wipers, lights and tyres are all in good working order.


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