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Are You Thinking Of Starting A Courier Business?

Thursday, 1 August 2019 at 12:25

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As more people buy goods on the internet instead of the high street, the demand for courier services has grown. With this in mind and the growing reliance on reliable courier services, starting a courier company could be a smart move

There are several types of courier businesses that you could start up:

  • Bicycle courier
  • Motorcycle courier
  • Dedicated vehicle courier service
  • Drone delivery service
  • International courier services
  • Same day delivery courier service
  • Next day courier service

If you're planning on starting up your own courier company delivering parcels and packages to homes and businesses, below is a list of tips that could help you make a success.

Business Plan

Compiling a business plan will definitely help in the first year or so in operation.

Courier Vehicles

Reliable vehicles are your most important asset. You need to decide what kind of courier business you are going to run so you can decide what type of vehicle you will need. If you're going to deliver pallets or large, heavy parcels, you’ll need vehicles of different sizes. If you’re delivering smaller parcels, envelopes, letters or documents, a motorcycle, car or small van will be more appropriate. Either way, the vehicles will need to be reliable.


Equipment & Office Materials

As well as your delivery vehicles, you’ll need other equipment and materials, such as sat-nav, mobile phones, office supplies, landline telephone, also a computer, as internet access is essential.

Business Insurance

You'll need various insurance policies. Goods in Transit / Public Liability / Vehicle Insurance.

Courier Company Name

Your courier company needs a name. Try and make it memorable and unique, but also try and associate it with the delivery service you're going to provide, for example - GREG PAULSON SAME DAY COURIERS LTD. It says it all really!!

Courier Companys Logo

A recognisable courier company logo may help customers or potential customers recognise you and distinguish you from other couriers.

Business Bank Account

You should definitely open a business bank account. This will help keep your personal funds and business funds separate and in good order.

Delivery Options

You’ll need to decide what delivery options you will offer customers. Each different delivery service will can require significantly different operations. For example if you're offering same day delivery service, this is very different if you decide you're going to provide a 2-3 day delivery service.

Courier Delivery Costs

Do some ringing round. Research in detail what your competitors are charging to give you an idea of what your delivery costs should be. You could do with really competitive delivery prices to start with, to help entice customers into using your courier service

Cash Flow

You need to work out what your ongoing costs will be and ensure you have the funds available to pay for ongoing costs like wages, rent for storage and fuel for the vehicles.

Advertising Your New Courier Firm

Set up a website. Tell the world about what services you can provide for them and why they should choose to use your delivery services instead of the many other delivery companies out there.

Set up business pages on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn, use social media to create awareness about your new business. Advertise locally using flyers and business cards.