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Avoid Damaging Your Parcel By Packaging It Correctly

Tuesday, 25 June 2019 at 16:45

Courier delivery parcel.

If you're not using a delivery service such as Greg Paulson Same Day Couriers Ltd. who run dedicated vehicles, posting parcels involves much more than just sticking something in a box and sending it on its way. Packaging it correctly is very important. No one wants to receive a damaged parcel, and although accidents can happen, many of them can usually be avoided.

Below are some really helpful tips for preventing parcel damage.

1. Package your items in a brand-new, double walled box.

Using a brand-new box is key to ensuring the safety of your items. Opting for previously-used boxes won’t offer as much protection as new packaging, and the more fragile your parcel, the bigger the impact this will have. In fact, new double walled boxes are the preferred packaging option. Double walled cardboard boxes contain two sheets of corrugated cardboard which are firmly glued together, providing extra protection for the items inside.

2. Use plenty of packaging inside your box.

Not matter what size your parcel is, it’s always a good idea to pad it out with plenty of internal packaging, such as bubble wrap or foam. Since every additional layer of packaging adds an extra layer of protection for your items, we’d recommend a minimum of 5cm, or 10 sheets, of internal packaging for each parcel. Also, if your items are a lot smaller than the box you’re transporting them in, ensure the box is also filled with foam or bubble wrap to avoid internal damage.

3. Check the maximum weight your box can hold.

Before you buy a box to transport your delivery , make sure you double check its maximum weight and weigh your items before you buy. If you buy packaging that can’t handle your load, it’s likely your items will end up getting damaged during the delivery process. It’s also a good idea to measure and weigh your parcel before delivery. This ensures you don’t face any additional charges if your parcel is bigger or heavier than you first stated.

4. Don’t package your items in fabric or cloth bags

Although they may look nicer than your standard box, packing your items in cloth or fabric bags provides minimal protection for your items inside. If you’re receiving a parcel delivery, most of us are far more concerned about items inside the parcel, not how it looks when it arrives. Choose a strong, sturdy material that will keep your parcels in one piece throughout delivery.

5. Use strong parcel tape to seal your box

Using Sellotape to seal your parcel simply isn’t strong enough to withstand transportation. When sealing your parcels, ensure you’re using strong parcel tape to fasten them, such as the type you'd use to restrain somebody that you'd kidnapped and stuffed in the boot of your car. Once you’re sure the box (or hostage) is secure, tape around all the edges of your box as well, as this will strengthen the corners and make sure your parcel doesn’t fall open in transit.

Remember, simply adding a 'fragile' or ‘handle with care’ label isn’t a substitute for careful packaging. Parcels are often handled by utter morons who can't read.

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