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Do You Know How To Send Your Parcel By Courier Service?

Friday, 21 June 2019 at 13:00

Delivery of parcel by courier service

Do you need to send a parcel by courier service?

If you're new to sending a parcel by courier service, the first time might seem like a bit of a ball ache and a very complicated process.

Never fear, we’re here to share our 25 years plus of expert advice about sending a parcel via a courier service.

Packaging Your Parcel

When we send a parcel with a courier, we all like to imagine that our item is very carefully carried by one person from A-B. The truth is that your item will be transported through a courier network; it will first be sorted by a machine and then placed into a van with tens (or even hundreds) of other heavy and large parcels and driven to its destination. Of course, if you’re sending your parcel with a reputable courier like Greg Paulson Same Day couriers Ltd. any damage to your item in transit is very unlikely.

However, it can happen on very rare occasions and for that reason, you’ll want to ensure you’ve done everything humanly possible to protect your item.

The way you package your item will, of course, depend on the item itself. For example, if you’re planning to send documents, paintings, or bigger items such as electricals; you will need to package all of these in different ways.

Generally, you need to make sure your item is packed really well and as securely as possible. Use strong materials; a double-walled cardboard box is less likely to collapse or tear. You might also want to add some internal packaging, such as bubble wrap or packing peanuts to give your items some extra cushioning.

Make sure you read over your courier service’s prohibited list to ensure what you are sending can be carried and whether it can be covered in the rare event of loss or damage.

Dimensions & weight of your parcel!

Most courier services will require you to provide the details of your parcel, such as the weight and dimensions. These details are required as it is how the price of your shipment is actually determined.

You’re going to want to ensure that these details are as accurate as possible, as you don’t want to end up paying more for the shipment that what you actually need to. Similarly, you don’t want to pay too little, then receive a hefty oversized charge later down the line. It will also help to prevent any delays or complications.

Booking your courier service

Now that you have your parcel ready, it’s time to book your delivery. You can either go directly to a courier company or you can save on the cost by calling Greg Paulson Same Day Couriers Ltd directly on 0161 436 3296.

Labelling your parcel

When you book a courier service, you’ll be sent some shipping labels that you’ll need to print and attach to your item.

Sending parcels internationally

Sending parcels internationally, to countries such as to the USA, Australia or otherwise, there may be additional forms that you’ll need to fill out to send with your item. That’s because, with international shipping, you are technically exporting goods, which means it can be a more complex process and requires careful thought and, most importantly of all, some research on your part.

When you’re sending a parcel outside of the EU, you’ll need to fill out a customs invoice. This is a document that travels with your parcel and contains information about the items inside your parcel. The invoice is required for customs clearance – to put it bluntly, your shipment cannot and will not leave the country without one.

Sit back and relax, let the courier do the rest!

That’s it – the courier takes care of everything from here! You can simply sit back and relax whilst your consignment is collected and delivered to its destination.


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