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Questions To Ask A Courier Before Booking A Delivery

Wednesday, 20 February 2019 at 15:03

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Before you hire a courier service, you should make sure they are professional & trustworthy and you are confident that they will handle your package with great care, making sure it arrives safely and on time and at a competitive cost. 

Below are 5 questions we advise you to ask a courier company before you book your delivery with them:


1. How much will this really cost?

There are many courier companies out there who add all sorts of extra costs such as fuel surcharges to their quote.

Greg Paulson Same Day Couriers don't do that. The quote we give you is what you pay. No surprises when you receive your invoice.

2. Will there be any other items on board your vehicle?

If your package is fragile or of high value, the last thing you want is another customer's large boxes falling against it and causing damage to it in the back of the van. We’ll always make sure your fragile goods are properly protected using blankets and straps when required. Dedicated Vehicles - We won't be carrying any other items in the van while we’re transporting your consignment.

3. Which vehicle will your goods be transported in?

When booking your delivery, Greg Paulson Same Day Couriers team will ask you all the relevant questions about your consignment to ensure your goods are transported using the appropriate vehicle.

4. Will we let you know when your delivery is complete?

We are in constant telephone contact with our drivers meaning we can update you of your packages progress at any stage of it's journey. For your peace of mind, we always obtain a proof of delivery in the form of a signature and printed name, this will then be forwarded to you by email or a telephone call so you know your delivery has been completed safely and on time.

5. What if the vehicle is delayed?

If there any delays, meaning your delivery is going to be late or a deadline isn't going to be met we would contact you straight away so you can inform your customer that the consignment is going to arrive later than expected. In most instances, we find a telephone call usually resolves any potential problems. Customer service is a huge part of what we do. We're only happy when the customer is happy!!

If you’re looking for a same day courier company who will treat you as a valuable customer and not just a tracking number, you can trust us to deliver the goods! For a competitive quote call us on 0161 436 3296 today.


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