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Will Clean Air Zone In Leeds Put Couriers Out Of Business?

Thursday, 6 December 2018 at 11:15

Leeds Clean air Zone

Leeds City Council have revealed plans to charge non-Euro VI trucks £50 a day to enter the city’s clean air zone.

If these charges go ahead it would be disastrous for courier companies and hauliers alike. An average SME operator makes around £60 profit per truck, per week, so this means they would have to absorb up to £350 each week to deliver the goods the city relies on.

The proposal is contained in a report to the council’s executive board. Once the proposals are ratified by the council, they have to be submitted to the government for approval.

Operators need to be given a realistic timeframe to upgrade their trucks by Leeds city council otherwise many courier businesses and haulage companies are in real danger of going out of business.

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