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What Are The Benefits Of Using Same Day Couriers?

Monday, 18 November 2019 at 12:19

express delivery

If you need a delivery of something larger than a small parcel or a letter, it will probably be easier for you and also more cost-effective to book a courier service rather than to send something in the post by Royal Mail.

There will be times when it's not convenient for you to collect an item yourself, and you decide to arrange a courier to do the job for you. It might be a large parcel or an item that is too heavy or too bulky to move yourself, or you might need to send something somewhere that’s too far for you to travel without using up a lot of your time and fuel costs. Whatever the reason, Greg Paulson Same Day Couriers, Manchester can help. We carry out urgent, same day and time-critical deliveries across the whole of the United Kingdom.

Local collection only - You may have bought something on eBay that's a collection only sale. Y
ou can use a courier company to get the item delivered to you without having to collect it yourself. If you’re a regular seller, you might find it more convenient to use Greg Paulson Same Day Couriers to deliver items rather than have an in-house team to make occasional or irregular journeys.

Heavy/bulky items - If you need to get a large, bulky or heavy item somewhere, and it won't fit in your carit may be much easier to find a courier company to do the delivery and help with the heavy lifting.

Safe handling - With Greg Paulson Same Day Couriers you’ll know your item is in safe hands. Using dedicated vehicles, there will be nothing in the van but your consignment and your item will get safely from A to
B. Your delivery will also be insured up to a value of £10,000 at no extra cost.

Convenient - If you need something delivered at a certain time when you are not available, for
example whilst you’re at work, you might prefer to have the peace of mind that your item will make it on time to its destination without having the stress of having to change your plans, or rushing around last minute to make your deadline.

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