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Ever Considered Becoming A Courier Delivery Driver?

Thursday, 6 May 2021 at 09:16

Have you ever considered becoming a same day courier delivery driver?

Working for yourself as a self-employed courier delivery driver has a number of benefits and incentives, such as flexible working hours which you can choose, your own independence, and the chance to earn a decent amount of money if you’re willing to put in the time and hard work.

So, what can you expect to earn as a self-employed same day delivery courier driver earn?

Most self employed courier drivers are paid per parcel delivery, or with some courier companies, they are paid on the size of their vehicle and also the area they cover.

By providing a self employed courier service, you have the potential of earning up to £40,000 a year. Basically, the more parcels you can deliver and the more flexible you are with the hours you’re willing to work, the more you can earn.

The Christmas period can be particularly lucrative with online shopping being so popular these days, meaning there is a huge requirement for parcel delivery services.

Insurance Cover For Couriers

As a self-employed courier driver, you’ll need to ensure that you have the correct courier insurance in order to carry out any collection and delivery legally. As you’re going to be using your vehicle to provide a courier service for the carriage of goods for hire and reward this must, by law be specified on your insurance certificate.

What is the cost of courier insurance? As with all motor insurance, this will depend on a number of different factors.

For example, the type of vehicle you use will have a bearing on the type of courier vehicle insurance required to obtain, such as courier car insurance or courier van insurance.

Other factors include the age of your vehicle, your driver profile, the type of goods you will carry, and your postcode. The only significant difference between standard motor insurance and courier insurance is the use must be hire & reward.

Although it’s not legally required, it is, in our opinion, essential for anybody using their vehicle to provide a courier service to ensure that they have goods in transit insurance (GIT) and also public liability insurance. Goods In Transit Insurance covers you if items you are carrying get lost, damaged, or stolen while in your care. Public liability insurance is to protect you against any accidental injury which occurs to others, such as customers and their property.