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How Do We Run Our Courier Company Smoothly?

Thursday, 7 November 2019 at 13:06

Courier Service

As with all businesses, running a Same Day Courier Service is not always straight forward.

Below are a few tips on running one smoothly.


You need reliable vehicles. They don't have to be brand new Mercedes Sprinter vans or Volvo trucks. They just needs to be vehicles that can be relied on to transport our customers parcels, pallets and documents safely and get them there on time. You simply must have reliable vehicles.


You need to be ready to transport fragile items. You need to keep the item protected, but still be able to drive well with both hands and your attention on the road. Carry some removal blankets and ratchet straps with you in the event you’re asked to transport a fragile or high-value item. There is also Goods In Transit (GIT) insurance to consider in the unlikely event that there is damage or loss of a customers goods.


You don’t have to spend a loads of money, or even any money at all on advertising if you don’t want to. There are many free ways you can advertise your courier company. There's Facebook, Twitter or even LiinkedIn. It’s quick and easy and literally puts your name in front of millions of potential clients. Networking - get out there and talk up your business to prospective customers. Try making a web site like ours at Greg Paulson Same Day Couriers Ltd., or a blog.


You need to be extremely organised. An organised same day courier company is a successful same day courier company. As you start getting more and more jobs, you need to be sure to have a day planner or another schedule method so you can refer to it easily at all times. Keep track of your jobs, and keep track of your customers. You never want to get a call from a customer asking why your vehicle hasn't arrived in Manchester on time to collect their consignment.


As a courier company, our job is to pick up and drop off items at a variety of locations around the UK, such as Manchester, London, Birmingham or Glasgow, many of which you’ve probably never been to before. Maps can help, I used one for years, but I found them to be generally difficult and unsafe to use in traffic. You don’t want to be sitting in your van, trying to find a collection or delivery address in an A-Z map book. The answer is SAT NAV - they’re great and an easy way to make sure you you can find the address you're collectingfrom or delivering to.


Communication is absolutely critical. It is so important to keep your customers informed of any problems, delays or incidents involving their consignment. Non communication or bad communication is one of the biggest problems we face in the courier industry.

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