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Which delivery options make the biggest difference to online businesses?

Friday, 6 August 2021 at 16:00

Today customers want their goods delivered faster than ever – for example, timed, or a same day delivery service is the best. Timed deliveries, with 1-hour delivery slots – These days customers don’t want the inconvenience of waiting at home all day for a delivery that could come any time within an 8 delivery slot.

This basically means that retailers with a fast and reliable delivery service are able to gain a significant advantage over any of their competitors. Customers are more likely to become repeat customers of an online business if the delivery service they receive is superior to others – this is probably the most important factor.

Most businesses rely on partnering with a courier service that can fulfill their customer’s orders, the delivery process can be far removed from the control of retailers. The business may employ very good staff, provide excellent customer service, and a smooth system to despatch the goods out of the warehouse, but when you as soon as you pass your important goods to a delivery company to look after, and you can’t always guarantee they’ll do the job to the highest standard which you expect.

Many same day courier services are looking for different solutions to this problem. There are numerous new, start-up courier companies that are providing online retailers a professional and reliable workforce of delivery drivers for hire – this allows for a flexible, on-demand same day delivery service that many customers are now expecting.

Same-day couriers and on-demand courier services offer by far the best solution. They allow businesses to choose to select their own fleet of couriers – on demand, when required – giving companies almost full control of their delivery services.

While the same-day courier market is being dominated by retail giants such as Amazon, smaller firms such as Greg Paulson Same Day Couriers believe they can thrive through offering a superior on-demand, bespoke courier service.

The rise of these new delivery services has definitely contributed to the boom in the UK’s logistics jobs market.

If increasing your online sales is something you’re absolutely serious about, then you should be looking at each aspect of your delivery model. This will enable you to identify anything that’s putting potential customers off. For example, is it timing, cost, speed, lack of specific delivery time slots, or are damaged or lost during the delivery process?

The future potential for delivery via drone and driverless vehicles is something that retailers will already be aware of. However, the chances of these delivery methods becoming widely available and cost-effective are still a long way off in the future. In the meantime, rival on-demand courier companies will be fighting to be the preferred delivery supplier for online retailers everywhere.

Let battle commence!!

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