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Wednesday, 10 March 2021 at 10:10


Below are some tips for Mothers Day gift delivery perfection.

Send your Mothers Day Gift as early as possible.

If you’re sending within the UK, we can carry out the delivery of your Mother Days gift to most locations on the same day if required, meaning you don’t have to worry about lengthy postal delays.

However, if your mum lives abroad and you’re planning on sending a present to her, you should make sure you check delivery times for the country you want to send to first as these are usually different for each destination.

Choose the correct packaging for your parcel.

We realise how important it is that your gift arrives in pristine condition and always ensure that the utmost care is taken with all parcels and packages.

When we carry out a same day delivery we do it in what we call a dedicated vehicle. This simply means only your Mothers Day gift would be on board. The vehicle/ driver that collects it will be the one that delivers it. Basically, when you book a vehicle with us, you’re getting your own private courier service.

 As an alternative method of shipping, you may choose to use one of the large multinational parcel carriers such as DHL or UPS. However, you need to remember your high-value or fragile item delivery is not going to be treated with the same care and attention as it would if you used Greg Paulson Same Day Couriers. It will be transferred from vehicle to vehicle and handled several times in various depots before reaching its destination, therefore you need to ensure your parcel is correctly packaged.

Whilst being transported your parcel will be subjected to movement throughout its journey, plus different weather conditions, including rain. Make sure you take the time to protect the items with bubble wrap before you pack them into your parcel. Bubble wrap is a great option for keeping your goods safe from damage and dry. Also, think about how you could protect your box from getting wet if left outside in the rain

Restricted or prohibited items.

Many countries have laws that mean some items are prohibited. You may not realise, but everyday items such as some liquid cosmetics and perfumes are actually prohibited. All countries have different laws, so you’ll need to check before you send anything to avoid your Mothers Day present being stopped in customs, delayed, returned to you, or even worse, destroyed.

For your information, here is a list of items you'll be unable to send - Prohibited Items.

Add a personal touch.

When your parcel arrives with your mother, you’ll want it to have an amazing impact on her. Let her know how much you care by adding a personal hand-written note or card inside your Choose ribbons, tissue, or wrapping paper to add some colour and excitement. Be as creative as you can. However, make sure you pack your decorated gift inside a sturdy cardboard box or padded envelope so that your mum’s gift doesn't get damaged in transit.