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Improve Your Company's Delivery Service

Monday, 20 July 2020 at 11:31

Your valued customers do not want to receive their parcel 3 days after it was due for delivery.

They opt to pay for the specific type of parcel delivery that suits their requirements. They may choose Standard Delivery, the cheapest Next Day Delivery, or even the most cost-effective Same Day Delivery, but whichever one the go for, they want it to arrive safely, and on time.

These days, more people actually prefer to shop online and receive a delivery straight to their front door, rather than the hassle of going to a shop.

The need for reliable parcel delivery service is growing rapidly.

Below are some tips to help you ensure your customers remain happy with the delivery service your business provides for them.

Streamline Your Internal Shipping Process

Create a checklist detailing which parts of your current shipping process work well, which ones delay the shipping process, and then what steps are required to overcome the issues you have identified to build a more streamlined delivery process

Want more checklists like this? Click here to get 7 processes that will improve your supply chain.

Improve communication with your warehouse

Rapid communication is vital between yourself and your warehouse staff to ensure fast delivery. This should only take a couple of minutes, if not seconds. This will also help manage your stock levels and let you know if more stock is required.

During busy periods, you should communicate with your warehouse manager on the telephone or radio, instead of email.

Sending an email may be convenient, but actually talking to someone can mean there is a much clearer understanding of what is required. Plus, emails can be missed or not opened for a long period of time after they’ve been sent to the recipient.

Alternatively, you could use messenger apps such as WhatsApp.

Make Use Of Modern Technology

To improve your business delivery process, identifying the location of each item in your warehouse quickly is very important. Using barcode scanners or wireless scanners are really good time savers and reduce the chance of human error.

Many businesses remain anti-technology and the human touch is always going to be a very important part of the shipping process, but using the technology that’s available these days can definitely minimise the risk of human error, promote efficiency and also save time and money. Surely this would be an unquestionable improvement for your business?

Choosing The Best Courier Service

To further enhance your business shipping process, you should compile a list of reliable courier services.

The list you put together will depend on how fast you plan to deliver your goods to your customer. If you’re looking for a fast delivery service, a courier service that can’t guarantee same day delivery will not be suitable.

So that that the list of courier services you compile is clear, making a spreadsheet of delivery services that are available to your business may be helpful. Include the cost to send a parcel. This will help you check which type of delivery service is the most cost-effective and also the most efficient service for your requirements.

There are quite a number of things you should consider when choosing a courier service, including the type of delivery service, delivery speed (same day / next day) and professional appearance of the courier service you choose because don’t forget, the courier company is the one who will physically meet your customer and is representing your business.

The delivery service type

This will depend on the size, the number of parcels, and how far they are required to be sent. Keep in mind that the further you need to ship an item, the more expensive it will be to do so.

  • Security Process: What is the security process of the courier service? Ask for information on the couriers' security policy. Are parcels left unattended throughout the delivery process?
  • Speed Of Delivery: Businesses rely on fast delivery. Take into consideration the fast delivery options your chosen courier offers before making a final decision.
  • Reliability: How reliable is your chosen courier service? You need to check that your chosen courier service is reliable to avoid letting your valued customers down. You can take a look at online reviews & customer testimonials on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter & Google.
  • Appearance: Obviously the security, speed, and reliability of the courier service you choose are extremely important, their professional appearance is absolutely essential as the courier service’s vans and drivers are representing you and your business.
  • Special Delivery Requirements: Knowing that the courier company is experienced in handling fragile, high value and large oversized packages are essential, not all carriers are.
  • Delivery Cost: Make sure the cost you are quoted is the final price and that there are no hidden costs or fuel surcharges.
  • Customer Experience: Consider the overall customer experience. The courier company you choose should have a friendly staff that is happy to help if you require information or help at any stage of the delivery process. After all, you’ll be in frequent contact with them and it’s great to build up a good relationship with them, it will make life so much easier.


You should try and build up local and international shipping connections. As the old saying goes - "It’s not what you know, it’s who you know". Whether you plan to carry out delivery to destinations in the UK, Europe, or anywhere else in the world, you should try and make connections in the countries your items will be sent to.

This will be very useful, as these new connections will be able to inform you which services to use or avoid


Always ensure you keep your customers up to date on the status of their delivery. This peace of mind is invaluable to them can help the time go much faster.

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