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Frequently Used Delivery Services

Wednesday, 13 May 2020 at 11:25

Even though different transport companies offer different courier services and delivery services, using different names and terminologies, the actual concept is pretty much the same the world over. They off their customers various shipping choices, which each have different delivery costs and speed of delivery.

If a potential customer already has knowledge of each of these different delivery options and costs, it will make it far easier for them to decide which package suits their requirements. Also, the courier company must be able to offer the client these courier services, in order to facilitate their customers, basically offering the whole package.

Standard / Next Day Delivery Service
A standard courier service is probably the most frequently used kind of shipping model carried out by courier companies. Standard delivery usually takes between 1-3 days. This type of courier service is frequently referred to as a next day delivery service and the price will be very competitive.

Same Day Delivery Service
Same day delivery is a very commonly used courier service by businesses from many different sectors, such as solicitors, engineering companies, photographers, accountants, TV production companies, and many more. If you need your package delivery to get to its destination urgently, then this is the courier service you need to choose. Be aware though that using this method of shipping will be significantly more expensive than the above, standard delivery service as your consignment will be collected and delivered using a
dedicated vehicle. You are basically hiring your own private courier and delivery driver.

International Courier Sevice.

International courier service does what it says on the tin - delivers parcels, packages and much more overseas to Europe, America & Africa etc. The delivery cost may well be higher for this service and your package will more than likely take more than 2-3 days to arrive at it’s destination.