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A Couriers Guide to Safer Winter Driving

Tuesday, 5 November 2019 at 12:08

Delivery Driver In The Snow

The disgusting winter weather can affect couriers & delivery drivers in several ways, but by following this drivers guide, you’ll be that bit safer on the roads.

Weather Forecast

Before setting off, check the weather forecast. If you know that there is ice on the roads, strong winds or snow, you can prepare beforehand and get yourself ready. Roads may shut and a different route may have to be found. You'll also be able to notify your customer if you there is a chance of any delays for delivery.

Drive To The Conditions

Driving carefully is very important during winter. By doing this, you will minimise accidents - smooth braking, smooth acceleration and smooth turning. The chances of skidding out of control, crashing and dying on wet roads or ice are greatly increased with sharp actions when driving. Ensure braking distances are increased and stay a safe distance from the vehicle in front so you don't end up smashing into it's rear.

Pack Sensibly

If you are working away and you could be away for days onend,ensure you have enough warm clothes and underpants to get you through the week. Add an extra blanket, coat and a hat and glove. A torch for the dark nights will be useful, de-icer, a shovel and extra food and drink in case you get trapped by an avalanche on the Snake Pass between Manchester and Sheffield.

Vehicle Check List

There are essential things to look out for during winter to make sure you have a safe for the journey ahead. 

Tyre tread, Battery, Lights, Brakes, Fluid Levels, Mirrors, Windows, Windscreen Wipers.


Check your vehicle's lights are working fully and make sure you use them. It allows other road users to see you more easily and obviously, it will  light up your route. Clear off any snow or ice from the lights before setting off.

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