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Choosing The Right Courier Service - Top Tips

Wednesday, 3 July 2019 at 10:05

courier service

When it comes to finding a same day courier service you can rely on it’s vital that you check out your options.

Below are some tips you may find useful.


The courier company that you choose should have all the answers to any questions you might have. Plus, they should be able to offer you bespoke options to meet your requirements.

Opting for a courier service with many years of experience, such as Greg Paulson Same Day Couriers Ltd. suggests that they’re more reliable. This should be a more risk-free option compared to new or unestablished alternatives.


The better the relationship you build with your chosen courier service, the more chance you have of getting preferential rates. Look for a courier service that provides genuine value which reduces costs overall.


Ensure the courier service you choose offers flexible delivery options rather than a courier company that routes journeys to suit themselves and not the customer.

If your business needs are constantly changing, then you will need a courier company who can also offer the flexibility to cater to your requirements.

Look for a courier service that takes full responsibility throughout the journey of your shipments.

Make sure the courier service you choose sees the job through from start to finish and will take ownership throughout the entire process.

Peace of mind

Working with a courier service that you know you can rely on is reassuring. You don't want a problem with delivery taking your focus away from your everyday work, this will end up costing you time and money.

At Greg Paulson Same Day Couriers Ltd., there is no call centre, we have just one point of contact!!

Any problems, we deal with them personally and keep you informed every step of the way.

Tailored Delivery Solutions

Always choose a courier company that can offer a service which is tailored to your needs, and can offer a bespoke solution instead.

The best courier services should be able to work with you to create a bespoke services and streamline the distribution of your deliveries.


A top priority should be your courier service’s ability to offer delivery updates. If you’re a business that regularly works with clients that need updates about their consignment, then this can’t be ignored.

On ocassion, we know things can go wrong where nobody is at fault. A bonus to look for in your choice of courier is to have direct access to a dedicated customer service team. So, if any fuck ups do occur, you can contact somebody straight away.

Build A Relationship With The Courier

Trya and actually build a relationship with your chosen courier company, not as lovers, but as business partners. It's always good to put faces to names, you can build a level of trust which isn’t always achievable with every courier service.

A courier service that’s open to building a relationship with your business won’t make you feel like ‘just another customer.’ This means they’re more likely to quickly sort out any problems and carry out any ad-hoc requests yiu might have.