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Great Reasons to Become An HGV Driver

Wednesday, 5 June 2019 at 10:04

HGV Driver. Delivery throughout the UK.

Being an HGV driver is not a common choice of job, but for those who become one, it can be extremely rewarding for them. An HGV driver’s life is much different from that of a 9 to 5 office job.

Below are several reasons why being an HGV driver could be right for you.

Flexible Working Hours

One benefit of a life behind the wheels is the option of being able to choose your own hours and days. Also, there is plenty of work available for both owner drivers and those working with HGV companies. Even if you decide to relocate, you would still be able to get  from wherever you move in the country.

Plenty Of Work Always Available

There’s loads of demand for HGV drivers; in fact, there is even a shortage. With the average age of HGV drivers nearing retirement, there are lots of work opportunities available for drivers entering the haulage industry.

Your Job Will Always Be Secure

The transport industry is one of those industries which will always stay in demand. There is always a requirement for more qualified drivers in the industry. There is a great level of job security for professional HGV drivers as they are always in demand.

Wages Are Good

The average wage of an HGV driver is £30,000. The exact amount depends on whether you are employed or a sub-contractor.

No Particular Skills Are Required

Becoming an HGV driver is simple. You just need a normal driving license. Then you can take the training needed to become a qualified HGV driverYou’ll be ready to start hauling in no time at all.

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