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Courier Companies Should Start Streaming On Facebook Live

Monday, 14 January 2019 at 14:47

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Facebook Live allows you to connect with your clients by sharing real-time video which is then saved on your timeline.
None of us buy anything today without researching it on the internet first. We need to know, like and trust the product and the company we are buying from. We need to feel confident that our purchase is going to exceed our expectations and enhance our image and profile. How many of you watch promotional videos about that new car you are considering buying?
The same applies to your customers. They want to build a relationship and learn to trust you. They need to know their brands image will be in safe hands and boosted by your courier service & logistics industry expertise.
Facebook Live gives you the chance to showcase your know-how and engage directly with them.
Through Facebook Live your customers can get a real feel for you and how your knowledge will add value to their business.
For example, tours of your office or facilities, live Q&A sessions about industry hot topics, explanations of industry terms that normally leave customers confused, testimonials or newsflashes announcing exciting wins and plans.
The prospects are exciting and endless and courier companies who use it are looking at a marketing game changer that will make them noticeable in a crowded marketplace.
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