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What Are Your Rights If Your Delivery Is Late, Goes Missing Or Gets Damaged?

Thursday, 2 December 2021 at 17:02

When shopping online, buying from a catalogue or purchasing something over the phone that requires delivery by a courier service, and it arrives late, gets lost or turns up damaged, don't worry - you've got rights.

Below are six consumer rights you need to know if your delivery hasn’t happened as planned:

1. If an order you’ve placed turns up late, goes missing or is received in poor condition/damaged you need to complain to the retailer, even if you think it’s due to poor service from the courier company that carried out your delivery, as, in actual fact, your contract is with the retailer.

2. If your delivery arrives later than agreed and you have paid extra for a timed drop you are entitled to claim back any additional cost for the special delivery cost as the service you paid for wasn’t delivered.

3. Some courier services give the option for your delivery to be dropped off at a neighbours house or even to be left in a specified safe place. You should be aware that if something happens to your parcel, for example, if it goes missing or is delivered damaged, you’ll still be considered to have received the delivery. Choose carefully when offered any of these alternative delivery options.

4. If your order arrives damaged or faulty, You are within your rights to refuse to sign for any parcel delivery which arrives either damaged or faulty. You are entitled to either a refund, repair or replacement. 

5. Unless you have agreed otherwise with the retailer, the delivery of your package should be made in a timely manner, within 30 days from the point of purchase, as stipulated by the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

6. If ‘bought at a distance’, as in online shopping, phone purchases or a mail-order catalogue. You are entitled to cancel your order.