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Perfect Final Mile Delivery Builds Brand Loyalty

Wednesday, 24 April 2019 at 09:06

Final Mile Courier Service

Perfect Final Mile Delivery Builds Brand Loyalty

Everyone shops online today. As customer behavior shifts from brick-and-mortar locations to the internet, the types of products people are buying online is also changing. As a result of the move from mainly small parcel shopping to large goods grows, final mile courier services are quickly becoming the most important part of today’s supply chain.

Delivery Experience Matters Massively

Comparing costs and pressing a buy button on a retailer’s website is very easy for the customer. Waiting for a courier company, however, is not always as easy as it should be. Delays missed appointments, bad courier customer service can quickly equate to a bad experience.

Customers are unlikely to buy again from a seller if they receive a bad delivery experience. With all of the effort it goes into building, marketing and operating a business, it only takes a bad delivery to leave a lasting bad impression.

Unfortunately, a bad delivery can have more serious consequences than losing just one customer. They can leave negative reviews online, which can put off potential customers.

What Causes A Bad Delivery Experience?

It can take just one courier companies delivery driver to be having a bad day to cause a bad delivery experience.

When it comes to final mile delivery and white glove delivery, time and effort can be considerable. More customers are looking for delivery beyond the threshold than ever. From delivery to the room the customer has requested and taking away any packaging the delivery process can be a apin in the arse, which makes it undesirable to many couriers. But just because many service providers don’t want to take on this kind of delivery service, it doesn’t mean the demand for it will go away.

Just using on one courier company to take care of all your final mile delivery requirement could be dangerous. It's a good idea to have have a backup courier service who you can call on when problems arise.

Due to customer demand, final mile delivery requirements are changing every year. They want options, flexibility and deliveries made at a time which suits them.

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