London To Manchester Delivery For The Crystal Maze TV Show

Thursday, 12 Jan 2017

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Do you remember the 90's TV Show The Crystal Maze? At it's height it was the most popular programme on channel 4, regularly drawing in between four and six million viewers. Presented by Richard O'Brien, teams of competitors raced round the largest set on TV, visiting elaborately themed time and space zones to take part in challenges to try and win crystals.
Although not on TV any more it is possible to experience The Crystal Maze game for yourself at locations in Manchester and in London.
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Earlier this week we were contacted by someone from the London location because they needed a number of large plastic panels transporting to the address in Manchester at the old Granda Studio's. As we have many contacts throughout the UK we were able to find one of them who was actually in the London area, heading back to Manchester with a part loaded vehicle so the panels were able to share the space on the van. This enabled us to offer the customer a reduced cost, we call this a back load.
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