Fragile Delivery - Wedding cake from Northern Ireland to Cardiff, Wales

Tuesday, 7 Jul 2015

Wedding Cake

Moving an extremely fragile, bespoke wedding cake safely from one address to another so that it arrives undamaged and ready for the big day is no doubt a bit of a daunting task for most people.

Worry no more!! Here at Greg Paulson Same Day Couriers we have delivered quite a large number of them over the years, most recently another one this week.

At the start of May this year a lady named Sinead sent us an email via the contact page on our website, to ask us about the possibility of collecting a wedding cake which her grandmother in Northern Ireland was making for delivery to her home in a small town near Cardiff, South Wales at a later date in mid June.

Her main priority was of course getting the cake from her grandmother's house to hers with no damage caused and secondly the delivery quote, she had a budget which she didn't want to exceed.

Moving fragile goods, in this instance a wedding cake, is something we specialise in and are able to carry out successfully due to the fact we use what we call dedicated vehicles. Putting it simply, your consignment is the only item/s on board and once collected that's where it will stay. It will then be taken directly from the collection address to the delivery point with no other stops or collections made along the way.

As for the keeping the delivery cost under the client's budget we were able to help with this too. Over the 22 years we have been in business we have built up and maintained a large number of very reliable courier contacts throughout the UK. On this occasion we spoke to a courier we have built up a business relationship with who is actually based in Cardiff and travels to Ireland on a weekly basis, usually returning with an empty van. Due to him being in Ireland already and returning to Wales he was able to offer us a much more cost effective price than usual, which in turn we passed on to the client.

We kept in contact with Sinead by telephone and email from when she first got in touch until delivery of the cake was completed, as you'll see from the picture above it was delivered safely and in one piece much to her relief.

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