German Fish Distributor Using StreetScooter Electric Vehicles.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Deutsche See is using Deutsche Post DHL’s StreetScooter electric vehicles to deliver fresh fish to its customers in Cologne.

In a statement issued on 30 April, Deutsche See confirmed that it had become the first company besides Deutsche Post DHL to deploy the StreetScooter. The plan is start in Cologne and then extend the use of StreetScooters into 20 cities across Germany.

Deutsche See’s StreetScooter vehicles have been kitted out with refrigeration units that can hold up to 680kg of fresh fish. The cooling system can draw power from a photovoltaic system on the vehicle’s roof, which takes the strain off the battery.

Deutsche Post DHL bought StreetScooter in December 2014 and announced last year that it was looking to sell vehicles to other companies, in addition to meeting its own infrastructure requirements.


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