Can I Send Christmas Crackers By Courier?

Wednesday, 9 Nov 2016

Christmas Crackers

Unfortunately the answer is NO!

It seems that nearly all major courier companies prohibit the sending of items that include explosives through their parcel network. This is definitely the case with DHL, Parcelforce, and City Link.

As well as Christmas crackers, other items  which fall into the category that you cannot send by courier are:

For obvious reasons courier companies would not want explosive or flammable materials being sent through their network. Not only are they a danger to the courier staff but could potentially damage other people's parcels travelling through the systems at the same time.

As it says above, the major courier companies will not deliver Christmas Crackers, however here at Greg Paulson Couriers we will, using one of our dedicated courier vehicles.

Just give us a call on 0161 436 3296 or email your request to to arrange pick up and delivery.

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